Defining Love

Defining Love

What is love? A question with many answers. The first definition that comes to mind is that it is an eternal feeling. In other words we can say that it is God himself. But in reality love is in us and outside of us. Many books about love have been written, but we do not care about their definition, but rather we care about loving who loves us or who we want to love us. The questions below give us an idea of ​​how simple love is for us:

If you love me, can I love you?
Do I love you because I need you?
I need you because I love you?
If I love you, can you love me?

There is a love that goes beyond us, a love that in itself we can not understand because we are accustomed to a vague definition of love. For now, love is something that exists in our minds and in our hearts. The definition to love is even more complex, it is the action of love in every sense. What is to love? Below we have the following answers:

To love is to feel or surrender oneself towards something or someone.
To love is a divine mandate.
To love is a skill or art.
To love is a decision.

We can say that the four answers are correct, but not all of them fulfill our wishes; because by loving we hope that they can also love us. However, the most beautiful thing to love is that whoever we love can love us or want to love us.
So, the love we know is plain and simple, now we have a love that is imaginary for many, but so real that we can not understand it, the following questions give us an idea of ​​the love we want to explain.

Do you love God?
Do you love who hates you?
Do you love who hurt you?
Do you love who betrayed you?
Do you love who you should not love?

Christian love goes beyond the love we commonly know. Christian love does not allow entry into hatred. And it shows us joy in pain, happiness in sadness, hope in suffering. Christian love sacrifices everything for God. Christian love gives forgiveness as when we are hungry and eat bread. Christian love gives love as when we are thirsty and drink water.

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